Thermaltake’s New Core P3 TG Pro Open Air Case

Source: TechPowerUp Thermaltake’s New Core P3 TG Pro Open Air Case

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The original ThermalTake Core P3 came out in 2016, and could situated on a desk or you could mount it to a wall.  At that time, [H]ard|OCP gave it high marks and recommended it for those that can run an open air case without the danger of little fingers or paws poking delicate components.  They have updated this design with the new Thermaltake Core P3 TG Pro, which TweakTown has reviewed right here.

The new version comes disassembled, just as the original did, so be prepared to put a little more work in than with your usual case purchase.  The inclusion of a tempered glass side panel is a nice idea, offering some protection while still leaving the top, front and back open for airflow.  The design also maximizes the visibility of your components so you can show off all that RGB bling.

The temperatures were impressive, though the lack of casing does mean it runs a wee bit louder than an enclosed system.  Head on over for more details, as well as the good and bad highlights of the Thermaltake Core P3 TG Pro.

The Thermaltake Core series has always been quite innovative and the new Core P3 TG Pro is no different. It manages to improve several features of the original Core P3 TG to provide more versatility and better compatibility, at a relatively low cost of entry for those who desire an open frame chassis.

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