A Brief Peek At NVIDIA’s SC22

Source: Techgage A Brief Peek At NVIDIA’s SC22

It’s Not Just The RTX 4080 This Week

NVIDIA had a lot to show off at SC22, as their HPC division is now a major part of their business.  Unlike a certain other company’s attempt at creating a virtual space to collaborate in, NVIDIA’s Omniverse seems to be well received.  The actual scope of the Omniverse has grown significantly but at it’s heart it remains a way to integrate all of the 3D development tools you have into one interface.  The integration of Pixar’s Universal Scene Description and Large Language Models to not only make changes across all the moving pieces of a 3D project but to predict them has really helped drive the adoption of Omniverse.

SC22 also gave them a chance to show off Hopper, in the form of the H100.  The successor to the A100 offers 3.5 times better energy efficiency and requires five times less nodes to provide the same processing power, good news for anyone who has to power and cool a data centre.  Along with Hopper is Grace, which is a distributed hyperscale all-in-one integrated CPU/GPU/Network Superchip.  

There are a lot more topics to cover at SC22 which Techgage did a great job of, just click that link.

The scaling of AI and high performance computing is fascinating. At SC22 NVIDIA explored more uses for its Omniverse and Digital Twin approach to the metaverse, It showcased HPC deployment of its H100 GPUs, edge computing, and developing true to life models of the planet with Lockheed Martin.

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