After A Long Wait, The Das Keyboard 6 Professional

Source: TechPowerUp After A Long Wait, The Das Keyboard 6 Professional

One Of The Originals Has A New Model

The original Das Keyboard was released in 2005, and while it did not have mechanical key switches it did have individually weighted keypresses.  That changes in 2006 when the public met the Cherry MX Blue switch and a new industry was born, which has grown immensely and is still going strong.  Since then they have been considered one of the top mechanical keyboard brands, even though they tend to space their releases out quite a bit compared to other companies.

After a four year hiatus they have announced the new Das Keyboard 6 Professional and TechPowerUp managed to get their fingers on it.  They have continued with their new habit of including markings on their keycaps, which are not doubleshot-injected ABS plastic as it says on the box.  It seems there was a last minute decision to switch to laser-etched thin ABS caps and that change wasn’t reflected on the packaging.

There were a few good features on the Das Keyboard 6 Professional, but if you already have a previous model you should check out the review to help decide if you should stick with the one you have or look to update.

Das Keyboard introduces its latest in the Pro keyboard line with the Keyboard 6 Professional. It retains several features people liked on the previous model but with updates, including Type-C connectivity and spare ports as well as white backlighting on all switches.

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  1. Operandi

    I remember Das Keyboard when they were seemingly the only game in town. I didn’t really get what all the mechanical hype was about and I couldn’t afford one anyway so I’ve never tried one. This thing just looks weak and these days everyone and their golden doodle is making mechanical keyboards so competition is fierce. They seem to have been passed up in just about everybody in one aspect or another for less money, or all aspects for a similar price. I’m surprised they are still around with lackluster products like this.


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