Next Level Racing’s F-GT Simulator Cockpit … On Wheels!

Source: NiKKTECH Next Level Racing’s F-GT Simulator Cockpit … On Wheels!

$800 To Make Josh Jealous

Why embarrass your HOTAS or racing wheel by attaching it to a desk when you can give it a home in a triple monitor cockpit simulator?  That price doesn’t include the system you will need to power a resolution of 7680x1440p like NiKKTECH chose, the input devices of your choice, nor the cables to connect it all together.  You do get a chair that can be set to either formula or GT racing, and you can even add a “Buttkicker” to it if you want the extra realism.

There were more options available as well, for instance you could opt for a huge ultrawide instead of three monitors and wheels to make it easier to move around.  It’s worth taking a look, you might not have the space, physically or financially, to set up the F-GT Simulator Cockpit but it is an impressive set up.  There is a video included so you can get an idea of just what this would look like once it is all set up.

Thanks to its design, build quality and available features the F-GT Simulator Cockpit by Next Level Racing is clearly something most race car, flight and space sim fans would love to own.

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