The Wait is Almost Over: AMD Announces New GPUs Today

The Wait is Almost Over: AMD Announces New GPUs Today

Go to AMD’s YouTube Channel at 4PM Eastern

After much speculation and anticipation, we are about to learn about AMD’s RDNA 3 graphics cards. The announcement will be streamed on AMD’s YouTube channel, beginning at 4:00 PM Eastern. Don’t worry, if you miss it you can just read one of the thousands of news posts on what was announced, or wait for your favorite YouTube personality to put their stamp on the announcements.

The burning questions going in to this announcement? Will AMD have the world’s fastest gaming card, leaving NVIDIA and the RTX 4090 launch (with its troubled 12VHPWR connector) in the dust? Is this going to be another Radeon 9700 Pro, twenty years later? Will it be affordable? When can you actually buy one?

While you wait, why not watch this excellent video on the Radeon 9700 Pro from Pixel Pipes on YouTube (embedded below):

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  1. solarisguru

    I’ve been using my GTX 1080 for years and I’m considering an upgrade soon. For various reasons, I’ve been considering buying AMD this time around. After the 4090’s power issues, I think I may just do it. I like to buy a good card I can run for years and I don’t upgrade often. I’m excited about these new AMD cards.


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