Windows 11 Slowing You Down? There’s A Patch For That

Source: Slashdot Windows 11 Slowing You Down?  There’s A Patch For That

Fix The New Gaming And File Copy Sluggishness 

With the arrival of 22H2, bearing the same name for both Windows 11 and Windows 10, those on the newer operating system have been reporting some problems.  The gamers out there will have noticed a sudden drop in performance, though some with desktop acceleration enabled might have also encountered this issue.  It turns out that Microsoft accidentally enabled some of the debugging features present on GPUs, which do not tend to be activated outside of development houses.  That means that a chunk of the GPU’s cycles are devoted to running those features and not your game.  You can look for the KB5020044 update preview in Windows Update to resolve this … or at least test how well the fix works.

Less people will be affected by the second bug, but there will still be a fair number of early adopters having some file copy issues.  If you use any flavour of SMB, either pulling from a remote machine or copying locally, you have probably noticed performance degradation.  Bleeping Computer has a workaround for those that are desperate, that avoids the cache manager which is the root of the issue.  If you want to test Microsoft’s solution for Redmond, you should move to Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25252, which has their proposed fix included in it.  Otherwise, hold off for the next cumulative update and let others do Microsoft’s testing for them.

Microsoft is offering Windows 11 users a preview of an update that fixes some gaming performance problems. The software maker originally warned of issues with lower than expected performance in some games earlier this month, after some Windows 11 users that had upgraded to the latest 2022 Update (22H2) noticed problems.

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  1. Allyn Shrout

    Any idea of what is causing my screensaver to keep crashing in windows 11?

    I’ve tried googling it and googling it and googling it, but i think the screensaver is all out of googles.

    Multiple uninstalls, reinstalls, up down, in out, back forth, repairs, then forth back, down up, out in, yaddablah, blahyadda, etc. anywho, i know there is no reason to be running a screensaver on a regular tn panel(it’s gsync, so there 😛 ) but i paid $5 for it a couple years ago and I really want my aquarium screensaver to work. they suggest using thier latest version, whcih i have, and all i get out of it is the same old crash and a .
    I really don’t want to roll back video drivers to some idiotic earler version, but it wouldn’t surprise me any that Nvidia and/or MS is at fault. I guess I’m just doomed to only look at the really cool icon on my desktop forever remembering those little fishies swimming around happily on my screen


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