GeIL Announces DDR5-8000 CL38 EVO V and Polaris RGB Memory

Source: GeIL GeIL Announces DDR5-8000 CL38 EVO V and Polaris RGB Memory

Another ultra-fast DDR5 kit with Hynix ICs

While DDR5 prices have slowly crept down in recent months, the speeds keep getting faster, faster. We saw the first DDR5-8000 kit from G.Skill at the beginning of December, and now GeIL is joining the 8000 MT/s, CL38 party, with new SKUs coming to the company’s EVO V and Polaris RGB lineups in Q1 2023.

In case you aren’t familiar with Golden Emperor International, Ltd., you can check out a review I did way back in May of 2021 (a DDR4-4400 ORION RGB kit). I will also take this opportunity to predictably mention, yet again, that my first DDR2 kit came from GeIL – the legendary (I assume) Black Dragon with red LED dragon eyes. Awesome.

The press release follows:

Taipei, Taiwan—December 26, 2022 — GeIL – Golden Emperor International Ltd. – One of the world’s leading PC components & peripheral manufacturers is proud to announce the grand launch of the DDR5 8000MHz 16GB x 2 CL38-48-48-90 1.45V ultra-speed modules will be available in Q1, 2023. GeIL DDR5 lineup includes EVO V and Polaris RGB are tailor-made for hardcore gamers and hardware enthusiasts to deliver unparalleled performance and stability. In addition, GeIL Dyna 5 has created a comprehensive and efficient automated testing process for grading and sorting every DDR5 IC. As a result, GeIL ensures the bandwidth data transmission, compatibility, reliability, and integrity to meet all the demands of gamers and overclockers using Intel’s latest platforms.

GeIL DDR5-8000 1

GeIL DDR5-8000MHz series has passed the required burn-in tests using the latest ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Z790 APEX motherboard. The following screenshots indicate those test results:

GeIL DDR5-8000 2
GeIL DDR5-8000 3

GeIL is a brand committed to offering memory products with a wider range of overclocking potential to PC enthusiasts and gamers. The latest GeIL DDR5 8000MHz memory modules are built with the advanced PMIC (Power Management IC), which can effectively obtain and control a wider range of localized voltage adjustments. The PMIC is used to enhance the overall stability and performance of the memory module and can effectively unlock additional overclocking headroom.

GeIL DDR5 8000MHz memory modules will be available at major retailers worldwide in Q1 2023. These modules are the intelligent choice for users looking to get high-performance DDR5 memory that has been highly customized for pro gamers and overclockers alike.

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