In 2023 You Can Order Your Raspberry Pi And Meet It Too

Source: Ars Technica In 2023 You Can Order Your Raspberry Pi And Meet It Too

A Hundred Thousand Units Set Aside For Us

Rejoice, for there is finally good news for Raspberry Pi hobbyists after over a year of starvation.  It has been almost impossible to get your hands on a single board for quite some time, with the exception of some of the higher end boards sold with a complete kit.  Instead, the majority of Raspberry Pi units produced in this time were sold in batches to businesses, with the rest of us left cursing the supply chain.  They are promising this will be different next year.

Raspberry Pi Zeros will start showing up first, then 3A+ models, and finally RasPi 4 boards will be available for consumers.  They will still be providing for corporate customers, so making these units available does suggest they finally have a steady supply of components to manufacture the hobby boards.  There will be a slight price increase along with the new supply, Ars Technica was told there would be a $5 to $10 increase for a Zero and $10 to $15 for a Zero W.  It seems likely the price increase of the 2GB Pi 4 $35 to $45 will remain, instead of being temporary as hoped.  

This is not the greatest news, but a more expensive Raspberry Pi is better than no Pi at all.  You can also join the crowds complaining about their hiring of ex-police officer and surveillance expert Toby Roberts as a maker-in-residence, if you consider someone who has spent years using Raspberry Pi boards to build covert gear for law enforcement, if you so desire.

There hasn't been much good news involving Raspberry Pis lately, at least for those looking to buy. But the single-board system maker says to take heart. Individual units are heading out now, and more are coming soon.

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  1. Hibby

    What if you just want to avoid companies who block valid critical comments and respond to the backlash by blaming it all on an organized conspiracy that started after they posted a photo of food? I think that’s more of what is going on than boycotting a company that hires a cop.

    • willmore

      It may have started with a comment mildly critical of their new hire decision, but what made it stick was their heavy handed and dismissive response to that. They started blocking people for the mildest questioning. Which, shouldn’t have been much of a surprise as they’ve been doing that on their forums for many years. I know several people who got banned during flashgate and the USB-C screwup.

      The only people with good will for the Rpi foundation are either willfully ignorant or financially benefiting from them. There’s plenty of other SBC vendors out there that provide better hardware and better support.


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