Can CAMM Can SO-DIMMs For Mobile Memory?

Source: Slashdot Can CAMM Can SO-DIMMs For Mobile Memory?

JEDEC Is DELLighted To Announce CAMM 0.5

We first learned about CAMM, aka Compression Attached Memory Modules, last year when Dell announced that everyone should jump onboard their proposed new mobile memory design.  It was a bold move that seems to have paid off as all members of JEDEC have signed on and we should expect a fully functional CAMM 1.0 standard before the end of the year.   Next year it is quite possible that even Apple might adopt this new standard.

It may seem odd to replace the tried and true mobile memory design, however DDR5 SO-DIMMs are quite challenging to design.  The 332 companies that are members of JEDEC voted unanimously to adopt CAMM going forward, but with a few tweaks incorporated into Dell’s design from last year.  SO-DIMMs will still be around for lower end machines, but anything with DDR5-6400 or higher will need to use CAMM.

There is already talk of using it as the standard for mobile DDR6 and by then should also be available in low power modules, though LPCAMM just doesn’t sound right.  Check out the links over at Slashdot to catch up on what we know so far.

JEDEC's CAMM standard will be based on that CAMM design but is likely to be somewhat different as companies hammer it out. "We have unanimous approval of the 0.5 spec," Schnell told PCWorld. Schnell said JEDEC is targeting the second half of the 2023 to finalize the 1.0 spec, with CAMM-based systems out by next year.

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