CES 2023: Intel Adds Non-K CPUs to 13th Gen Core Desktop Family

Source: Intel CES 2023: Intel Adds Non-K CPUs to 13th Gen Core Desktop Family

Lower Base Power and Lower Prices

Intel has added lower-power, non-K models to their 13th Gen Core desktop lineup, though the 65W number in the title slide refers to Base Power, not Max Turbo Power. Still, even the top SKUs have lower overall power draw than the “K” parts we have seen so far, and their lower prices (and lesser cooling requirements) should make them attractive options in the DIY space – even if most of these end up in OEM systems.

At the top of the non-K stack sit the Core i9-13900 and Core i9-13900F, which have identical specs other than the lack of Intel UHD Graphics 770 with the “F” model.

Intel 13th Gen Core Non-K Processors Slide 1

The Core i9-13900 and Core i9-13900F both offer a total of 32 threads, with an 8 P-core and 16 E-core split. P-core Max Turbo Frequency is up to 5.6 GHz with both Core i9 parts, with Processor Base Power of 65W and Max Turbo Power of 219W. The Core i9 (and Core i7) parts offer support for up to 128GB of DDR5-5600 or DDR4-3200.

This is a full product stack announcement, including Core i7, Core i5, and Core i3 parts, as well as the “T” variants of each – which offer much lower Max Turbo Power (the highest “T” SKU is limited to 106W).

Intel 13th Gen Core Non-K Processors Slide 2

The pricing listed above will differ to some degree from retail units; for example, the Core i9-13900 is currently listed on Newegg for $589.99 USD. This represents a savings over the “K” part, depending on when/where you buy. I imagine that the lower-cost non-K Core i7 and Core i5 SKUs will end up being more popular in the DIY segment.

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