The Hyte Y40 Is Perfect For Exhibitionist Components

Source: Guru of 3D The Hyte Y40 Is Perfect For Exhibitionist Components

Tempered Glass And Vented Panels All Around

The Hyte 40 might bear some resemblance to the Lian Li O11 Dynamic but it is a very different beast with some interesting features.  The tempered glass front panel is certainly interesting, but by cutting vents in the top and back of the case Hyte have managed to ensure that it doesn’t impact the thermal performance of the case.  The Hyte 40 also features a huge cut out behind the motherboard to ensure you will be able to install any CPU cooler without needing to remove the motherboard.  Finally it comes with a built in PCIe 4.0 riser to allow you to vertically mount a GPU or other card if you so desire.

The Hyte 40 ships with two 120mm fans but you can add up to two 120/140mm fans on the side, and three 120mm fans on the top.  That translates to up to a 280mm radiator at the side, a 360mm at the top and a 120mm at the back for the hydrophiles out there.   The power button is located at the bottom, along with two USB 3.0, a USB 3.2 Type-C and audio jack which is somewhat inconvenient but does look good.

The cooling wasn’t bad with the two included fans but both Guru 3D and Hyte recommend adding at least two intake fans to the case.  They could have included them, but that would have raised the $150 price tag attached to the Hyte 40 and gives you the chance to use fans of your choice.  

The full review can be found here.

This time, we’re checking out the Hyte Y40, a mainly aesthetic-oriented mid-sized ATX tower PC chassis. It’s not the first product from this American (precisely – California) company. They debuted with an ITX case called Revolt 3, which gained good opinions around the websites (and we got a chance to cover on October 22), and a chassis called Y60, which we checked in mid-2022.

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    I think Kent needs to investigate some of these Hyte cases. Is there anything in the works?


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