Corsair HS65 Wireless, Headphones For A Little Less

Source: Guru of 3D Corsair HS65 Wireless, Headphones For A Little Less

Not Everyone Wants $500 Headphones

Corsair have extended their line of HS wireless headphones with the new HS65 Wireless, priced at about $120.  They offer a mix of features, some better than their predecessors and some not quite up to the same level.  They do sport the same 50nm drivers you find on most other Corsair headsets so you won’t be missing out that.  They also share the same compatibility level, working on PC, Mac, and the modern PlayStations as well as the same microphone.

The frequency response is a little limited compared to some other Corsair headsets, 20Hz to 20 kHz is not as good as the HS80 but still respectable.   The sensitivity of the HS65 Wireless almost matches that model at 114dB (+/-3dB) while the impedance remains the same.  One thing that you might appreciate is that Corsair switched from Dolby Atmos to Dolby 7.1, so no purchase of software required to get the most out of your hardware.  This headset also adds Bluetooth to the mix, instead of just wireless, but you lose the enhanced quality the HS80 offers when wired in.

The range is 50′ according to the specs and Guru3D came close to that, if not quite to the full length.  A full charge will last you up to 24 hours, with a 15 minute charge from dead giving you six hours of usage.  If you are curious how they sound, check out the full review.

The HS series starts with HS35, and till now, it also contained HS45, HS50, HS55, HS60, HS65, HS70, HS75, and HS80 (some of them had different, wireless variants). We’re checking out the all-new Corsair HS65 Wireless in this review (today is the debut).

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