Is The Intel Arc A770 16GB Limited Edition The Full Metal Alchemist?

Source: The FPS Review Is The Intel Arc A770 16GB Limited Edition The Full Metal Alchemist?

Hand Raised By Intel

If you are wondering what makes the Arc A770 16GB Limited Edition GPU a limited edition, it is because this is Intel’s own design and someone already took Founders Edition.  The silicon will remain the same as that of a third party card, however the aesthetics and cooling are unique to Intel.   Your LE will feature chamfered edges around the edges of the two fans assemblies, each featuring 15 blades.  If you are a fan of die cast aluminium you will love the frame and accented backplate, not to mention a cornucopia of blue LEDs.

Performance-wise, the card tends to stomp all over the RTX 3060 when ray tracing is enabled, when you take the rays away it trades places at the top of the charts with the RTX 3060 and RX 6600 XT depending on the game.  The differences are greater at 1080p but the Arc A770 16GB Limited Edition can handle 1440p even without XeSS enabled, though it certainly helps if you want to ray trace in many games.

Get the actual numbers, as well as pictures of the card in action over at The FPS Review.

We are specifically reviewing the Limited Edition Intel Arc A770 video card today, so this design is unique from Intel. There really is a lot to like here, the design is pleasing to touch and pleasing to see, and the package size is one you can handle.

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  1. Kent Burgess

    I have to admit that these are some pretty impressive results when compared to the launch drivers. Intel has worked their tails off to make the Arc cards a very compelling proposition at the price range.

  2. Zarathustra

    I just installed one in my new build. So far it’s been running great especially for the price it cost me, but I have ran into one issue. One of my favorite games they are billions has some really weird lines that float around everything, it’s really bad when the game starts and it does this little zoom into the map. I have tried to fix this with no luck so I guess I just have to wait for driver updates, but I do really enjoy this card so far and I will be willing to check out future cards from them.


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