The Word Is Out About Forsaken

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN The Word Is Out About Forsaken

Good Bye New York, Hello Athia

Forspoken follows the plot of many a fantasy novel, where the protagonist is transported from a life on poor old Earth to a mystical world where they possess little idea of what is going on but did develop amazing powers on the trip over.   In this case Frey arrives from New York, with a talking vambrace called Cuff, strapped to her arm.   Over the course of the game you will develop your four flavours of magic to become more powerful, as well as improving your ability to travel.  You can traverse the large map via magical parkour, or eventually a grappling mechanic.

Unfortunately, as much as Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN enjoyed bouncing around the map they found it rather empty.  It’s not just that there is a lot of space with nothing in it; many of the side quests, shop items and interactions didn’t add anything beneficial to their experience.  Once you have gear you like you can keep leveling it up, no need to swap with with a brand new doohickey.

You can read their entire review here, and if you are hoping to play but are unclear on what you will need to enjoy it you should check out their recommended specs, as well as the benchmark results below the fold.

Forspoken is somehow both full and devoid of content. There is a huge open world, but it is mostly empty. There is an epic story of magic, other universes, and saving the world, but it only takes up a couple of days.

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  1. Kent Burgess

    This is disappointing. I had been looking forward to this game since I saw the earliest trailers. The visual portrayal of magic looked to be unique in the gaming world, and the movement system looked very interesting.

    • Jeremy Hellstrom

      They might still be, and it sounds like a short game so you won’t sink too much of your life into it. Definitely sounds like a game to wait until it’s on sale though.


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