There’s A New Nokia Phone, And It’s Eminently Repairable

Source: The Register There’s A New Nokia Phone, And It’s Eminently Repairable

HMD Global Brings You The Nokia G22, In Partnership With iFixit

Nokia never dies, it just changes ownership and it is HMD Global that currently has that honour.  They are launching three new phones and one of them, the Nokia G22, is built to be repaired by the user.   They have designed it with a screen that can be replaced much easier than your usual device as well as being able to replace the charging port.  They have also brought back an ancient feature which has sadly gone by the wayside, you can replace a dead battery fairly easily.

Their partnership with iFixit means that there are already user guides you can take a look at which detail how to make these repairs, which you can find via the links at The Register.  As for the specifications, it won’t blow you away but at a price of ~$180 that seems a fair compromise.  It runs Android 12 on a 1.6GHz Unisoc T606 processor and is available with 4GB, 64GB or 128GB of internal storage with support for SD cards of up to 2TB.

The other lack this phone has is 5G support, though HMD Group is looking at releasing a 5G model some time in the future.  The Nokia G22 won’t be for the power user, but if you are looking for an affordable phone designed to last and to be repaired if something horrible happens then it is worth keeping an eye out for.

HMD's link up with iFixit means that some online guides are already available to help with repairing parts of the G22, while replacement parts for the same are also available from the site, with the G22 getting a dedicated Repair Hub area on

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