Asus ROG Harpe Ace Aim Lab Edition Mouse And Pad Combo Pack

Source: Guru of 3D Asus ROG Harpe Ace Aim Lab Edition Mouse And Pad Combo Pack

Say That Name Three Times Fast

The packaging does manage to fit Asus ROG Harpe Ace Aim Lab Edition in it’s entirety, which is impressive on it’s own.  The mouse uses ROG SpeedNova wireless technology at 2.4GHz to connect, as well as a USB-A to USB-C paracord wrapped cable and even Bluetooth if you want.  The sensor is billed as the ROG Aimpoint optical sensor, otherwise known as a PixArt 3399, capable of up to 36,000 dpi sensitivity.   The mouse also happens to be NVIDIA Reflex Latency Analyzer compliant for those that have come to like that feature.

The software which comes with the Asus ROG Harpe Ace Aim Lab Edition mouse, Asus Armoury Crate is decent, but not Guru3D’s favourite.  It lets you adjust just about anything you can desire, including modifying the lift off distance and there is even a way to reset the mouse completely, if you suspect something is off.

The Asus ROG Hone Ace Aim Lab edition mouse pad is 508 x 420 x 3 mm in size (20×16.5×0.1″) with a cloth top and rubberized bottom.  While not necessary, it does make sense with a mouse of this quality.  The sensor will work on a naked desk but you will get more out of that 36K dpi with a decent pad.  

Behold the full review here.

This article provides a review of the Asus ROG Harpe Ace Aim Lab Edition mouse. This optical gaming mouse is specifically designed for gamers and comes equipped with the ROG Hone Ace Aim Lab Edition mousepad.

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