Counter-Strike 2 Coming This Summer, With An Invite Only Test Starting Now

Source: Gamespot Counter-Strike 2 Coming This Summer, With An Invite Only Test Starting Now

It Likely Won’t Cost You A Cent

Counter-Strike 2 is coming soon, and it will replace CS:GO in your Steam library upon launch.  The impending release was revealed along with the interesting detail that this will replace CS:GO and not be a separate game.  Your old maps will undergo a drastic facelift, but the layouts look like they will remain the same and so will your patterns.  Don’t worry about your custom maps either, community map makers will be able to use Source 2 to update their creations for the new game.

The video at GameSpot shows off what Counter-Strike 2 will look like, and it is an impressive update.  You can also pop over to the Steam page to get an idea of the prerequisites you need to possibly be invited to the current test.

CS2 will also be a free upgrade to CS:GO, and all of players' CS:GO items will transfer over to the new iteration of Counter-Strike. This essentially sounds like CS2 will replace CS:GO--something players weren't sure about when CS2 rumors first started making the rounds.

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  1. Exmel

    Actually it is Seperate game from CSGO. It will not be CSGO update but a NEW GAME! DOnt spam shits and fake information!

  2. David Winnie

    Looking forward the game graphics.


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