DDR5-7200 T-Force Delta RGB From Team Group, If Your Motherboard Can Handle It

Source: TechPowerUp DDR5-7200 T-Force Delta RGB From Team Group, If Your Motherboard Can Handle It

With Headroom For Overclocking Too!

Over at TechPowerUp you can take a peek at an impressive 32GB DDR5-7200 kit, their latest in the T-Force Delta RGB line of memory.  The XMP 1 settings have it running with timings of 34-42-42-84-127 @ 1.4V, which was as easy as pushing the button on the MSI MEG Z790 ACE they used to test it.  The higher frequency doesn’t have a huge effect on games, but it is often noticeably faster that DDR4 in synthetic benchmarks.

If you like to get hands on, the kit was capable of DDR5-8400 @ 38-48-48-125 but they needed to bump the voltage up to 1.5V; perhaps not the safest for long term usage.  However DDR5-8000 @ 38-48-48-84 was stable at a somewhat safer 1.45V and did offer better performance than the XMP DDR5-7200 default.

Everything you could want to know about the new T-Force Delta RGB can be found here.

Team Group is ready for the next generation of high performance DDR5. Using the popular T-Force Delta RGB once again, Team Group offers a DDR5-7200 kit for hardcore gamers and PC enthusiasts alike. Follow along as we benchmark, compare and overclock to see what all the fuss is about!

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