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A Ruined and Terrible Form of Type

Drop expanded their series of Lord of the Ring keycaps to include Black Speech recently, and were kind enough to send one over.  Their Dwarven keyboard with Khuzdul lettering got a full review here.  You can see the specifications below but there is a much longer look at the style and functionality behind that link.  The entire series use the Drop ENTR chassis, Holy Panda X switches and their in house Phantom Stabilizers.  The dye-subbed PBT caps haven’t faded at all over many months of solid use, as you would expect.

Product Specifications
  • Model Number: Drop Lord of the Rings
  • Dimensions: (LxWxH) 355 x 135 x 46 mm / 14.0 x 5.3 x 1.8″
  • Overall Weight: Impressive!  Supposedly 2lbs
  • Material of Base Plate: Aluminium
  • Material of Keycaps: Dye-subbed PBT
  • Switches: Holy Panda X switches with Drop Phantom Stabilizers
  • Base Template: Drop ENTR Keyboard
  • Connection: USB-C To USB-A, 5′ in Length
  • Keyboard Design: TKL
  • Backlight: White
Manufacturer Description
Something stirs in the east. A sleepless malice. The Eye is moving—and it’s fallen onto our Mech Keys community. What began as a keycap set has now taken shape as a full board. Meet the Drop + The Lord of the Rings Black Speech Keyboard: a Mordor-inspired centerpiece poised to conquer your desktop. True to the name, each one is armed with the Training Kit from our MT3 Black Speech Keycap Set, bolstered by extra modifiers so you can switch between a pure darkness and magma-infused darkness.

The Eye of Sauron Sees All

Just like the rest of the series you get several caps to swap out and a tool to do it with.  The switches are nice and hefty, with a decent constitution considering the abuse they have endured.   The lighting on the Black Speech keyboard is just as subdued as on the others, almost invisible unless you type directly over the keyboard.  It seems a pity they didn’t find a way to swap in red LED lighting, but that would have certainly increased the price.

It’s a good choice for touch typists, as the english lettering is very small and the colour of the caps is a rather dark gray.  Like with the Khuzdul model it is very attractive to a Lord of the Rings fan.  The Eye of Sauron is etched on beautifully and the backwards sloping Black Speech characters really do add something to it.

It’s on sale for $30 off MSRP, and $169 is a fair price for the chassis and switches.  The keycaps are sold separately for $130 if you were so inclined, including the pointy eared one.

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