Mad Catz B.A.T. 6+, Zee Mouse Zat’s Fun To Zay

Source: Hardware Asylum Mad Catz B.A.T. 6+, Zee Mouse Zat’s Fun To Zay

I’m Batmouse!

Hardware Asylum has a good point, the Mad Catz B.A.T. 6+ does bear a passing resemblance to a certain Batmobile design.  That the PR describes the design of the customizable ambidextrous mouse as featuring hyper car vents doesn’t lessen that impression.  Inside the mouse is PixArt’s optical PMW3389 sensor, Mad Catz DAKOTA technology to reduce response time and buttons good for 60M clicks.   As you would expect from Mad Catz, the mouse ships with side skirts and palm rests for either side of the mouse, making it comfortable for lefties too!

The software lets you program five profiles with different shortcuts, mappings, favorites and custom macros, which are stored onboard so you can bring them with you to different PCs.  The lighting on the mouse can also be modified, and it is rather subdued compared to other mice as the Mad Catz B.A.T. 6+ keeps it’s RGBs under it’s skirts.  At $100 it isn’t inexpensive, but it does offer a fair amount of features.

If you're searching for a gaming mouse that can cater to your first-person shooter requirements and comes with top-of-the-line specs, ergonomic design, and a lightweight build, then the MSI Clutch GM51 might be the perfect choice for you. However, be prepared to pay a premium price for this high-end gaming mouse.

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