Podcast #716 – Last of Us Port Mess, Diablo RTX 3080 Ti Drama, LTT Hack, NLR F-GT Racing Cockpit, 2.5Gbe for all + MORE!

The tech news cannot be stopped, we just roll with it.  And in another week, there’s another sloppy PC port. But we talked about more things than just The Last of Us: Part I (which has already been patched multiple times to correct some of the stuff we showed). Yes, another game was allegedly killing graphics cards, LTT was hacked and had their channel deleted for a short time, and Josh goes full JoshTEKK for an extensive racing rig review. 

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Show Topics


00:00 Intro (and no burger)
02:03 The Last of Us: Port I launch issues
05:59 Was Diablo IV killing RTX 3080 Ti cards?
10:01 STH did a big 2.5 GbE switch roundup
16:30 Podcast sponsor – Factor Meals
17:35 ISA cards on modern PCs!
20:27 Intel intros NUC 13 Pro 4×4
22:23 Sony ZV-E1 set to take over YouTube
25:28 The LTT hack
30:31 Security Corner
37:24 Podcast sponsor – Kolide
38:28 Gaming Quick Hits
43:59 JoshTEKK review: NLR F-GT sim racing cockpit
1:02:00 Picks of the Week
1:08:32 Outro

Picks of the Week

Video News

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