Antec Performance 1 FT, All New Full Tower

Source: TechPowerUp Antec Performance 1 FT, All New Full Tower

It Will Also Handle Mini-ITX But That Might Look A Little Odd

It has been a while since we have seen a new case and not a refresh of an existing line, but that is exactly what the Antec Performance 1 FT is.  The case is 522 x 230 x 522 mm (20.6 x 9.1 x 20.6″), large enough to fit even an eATX motherboard with room left over for a 175 mm tall CPU cooler and a GPU of up to 400 mm in length.   That also leaves space for a lot of fans, with the front panel offering three 140 mm Storm T3 fans, a single 120 mm Storm T3 120, up to three 120/140 mm and finally a 120 mm on the bottom.  Radiators of the same size will fit in as well.

Antec made some nice choices on the front panel, not least of all connecting it magnetically instead of with snaps, which makes it very easy to pop off.  In addition to that feature you also get an LED GPU and CPU temperature display, though at $160 it isn’t a controller but only a read out.  

Drop by TechPowerUp for a look at this nicely designed plus sized case.

The Antec Performance 1 FT marks a refresh of their P line of cases and one of the brand's first new full-tower enclosures in quite some time. Packed with four 30 mm fans and tons of room for additional cooling or AIOs, the Performance 1 FT checks all the right boxes and adds a few visual and functional cherries on top.

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