Air Out Your Components With The Streacom DA6 Chassis

Source: TechPowerUp Air Out Your Components With The Streacom DA6 Chassis

Don’t Call It An Enclosure

The Streamcom DA6 is an open air ITX chassis made of steel and aluminium measuring 431 x 215 x 215 mm (17 x 8.5 x 8.5″), or 19.9 L even though it won’t hold any liquids.  The case is composed of four poles, a top and a base which gives it a very clean look, not to mention completely uninhibited airflow.  The motherboard is attached to the back, with the PSU sitting at the top to ensure it’s exhaust cannot head up any other components.   The GPU is mounted vertically, however Steamcom doesn’t include a riser cable so you will need to provide your own or order the recommended one along with the Streamcom DA6.  

As you might expect, the DA6 is one of the quietest and coolest running cases TechPowerUp have tested.  There are a few which can keep the GPU cooler, which is a side effect of the limited number of fans you can install.   The Streamcom DA6 can fit a two 140mm fans on the front and back, or a 280mm radiator if you prefer, and are optional if your room has decent airflow.  Cases with significantly more fans are able to keep the GPU somewhat cooler but your CPU temps will never look better.

If you think a tubular design is something you want to try, give the review a closer look.

The Streacom DA6 is a unique open air chassis that allows for flexible placement of all the major components thanks to a one-of-a-kind mounting bracket system. With tons of flexibility and none of the usual size restrictions of a classic ITX SFF case, the DA6 could be perfect for those who don't mind open air but want big cooling components for their build.

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