Corsair RM1000e, Another Choice For ATX 3.0

Source: KitGuru Corsair RM1000e, Another Choice For ATX 3.0

Plus PCIe 5.0 And A 12+4 VHPWR Cable Too!

It is taking a while but we are starting to see more ATX 3.0 PSUs which support PCIe 5.0 and NVIDIA’s massive cable hit the market.  They will still have a price premium but as competition heats up the prices should start to come down.   The 2023 version of the Corsair RM1000e is now available for those looking to modernize your PSU for your next build.  It is rated at 80 PLUS Gold, contains 105C rated capacitors and comes with a seven year warranty cooled by a 120mm rifle bearing fan.

KitGuru’s testing revealed the Corsair RM1000e to be a very solid product, delivering stable power with little to no ripple and efficiency levels deserving of the 80 PLUS Gold rating.  The PSU operates fairly quietly as well, at least until it hits full load.  Since you shouldn’t be running a PSU at maximum levels constantly the sound levels will level out at around 30dBA, keep it under 500W and the fan won’t even spin up.

As to the price, at $180 it is significantly less expensive than the competition making it the go to for a kilowatt class ATX 3.0 for now.

Corsair recently sent us a couple of new power supplies for analysis. Today we look at the latest RM1000e unit which is a fully modular, 80 Plus Gold certified supply at a very competitive price point around £170 inc VAT. This new 2023 unit offers ATX 3.0 certification and is PCIe 5.0 ready.

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