Podcast #723 – Intel Arc Balanced Builds, ASUS Changes Warranty, Monoprice Mic & be quiet! Dark Power reviews + MORE!

Catch up with the Monoprice Mic and be quiet! Dark Power 850w reviews, plus SSD performance software from Solidigm, and a big balanced build discussion.  Don’t miss our favorite Security Corner and Gaming Quick Hits segments either!

This was recorded the night before NVIDIA announced the GeForce RTX 4060 Family but we still had plenty to discuss, as you can see from the list of topics in the time stamps below.  Catch our quick news drop on the RTX 4060 Family launch here though, it’s right sized.

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Show Topics


00:00 Intro
01:14 Burger of the Week (with special guest: Kent!)
02:34 Intel Arc Balanced Builds (and build pricing discussion)
15:49 ASUS changes their AM5 motherboard warranty policy
20:13 Logitech and iFixit team up
27:20 EU approves Microsoft Activision-Blizzard deal
A mandatory update for Windows 10
33:21 Scrutinizing Solidigm Synergy SSD software
37:10 Games demos coming back?
42:37 Podcast sponsor – Bloomberg Careers
43:52 Security Corner
54:11 Gaming Quick Hits
59:28 Our be quiet! Dark Power 13 850w PSU review
1:05:23 Monoprice Dark Matter Sentry mic review
1:11:53 Picks of the Week
1:19:00 Outro

Picks of the Week

Video News

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