Scrutinizing Solidigm’s Synergy 2.0 SSD Software

Source: TweakTown Scrutinizing Solidigm’s Synergy 2.0 SSD Software

Get A Performance Increase And Extra Disk Tools For Free?  You Bet!

The solid core of SK Hynix’s SSD business is now called Solidigm and it consists of the SSD team they purchased from Intel, and includes a certain someone you might have seen regularly on a podcast a few years back.  They are not just a hardware team, they are also heavily into software and their Synergy Software was well received as it’s proprietary NVMe driver would boost a Solidigm drive’s performance by about 5%.   The toolbox which would work with any SSD was also a wonderful bonus.  Well, they’ve just released Solidigm Synergy 2.0.

Tweaktown were able to test it out with the value focussed P41 Plus, testing the 2TB drive with and without the new software.  The results were marked, ranging from a 3% to 8% jump in performance, for free.  In addition, the NVMe driver will work with Intel drives as well as Solidigm’s, so you might just have another reason to check it out.  If you don’t happen to have either, Solidigm Synergy 2.0 now incorporates a larger variety of tools and diagnostics, which will work on any drive.

Check out the review here, or maybe first you want to make it load faster?

We've seen many proprietary SSD toolboxes and even some proprietary NVMe drivers over the years. Now we have Solidigm pushing them both even further.

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