Teaching Jedi: Survivor To Run

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN Teaching Jedi: Survivor To Run

Wait A Bit, Unless You Like Watching Games Fall Down And Go Boom

The reviews are out and the toughest fight in Jedi: Survivor has been revealed; getting it to actually run on a PC.  There have been a large number of complaints about performance and stability, enough to prompt EA to tweet an apology and promise to fix things.  The issues seem to stem from a variety of sources, the two quoted are that you are running a newer multicore processor on Win10 as opposed to Win11 or that your CPU is a much lower class than your GPU.  The latter is a real kicker considering the tiny performance impact installing a HEDT has on games in general, unless you are playing at 640 x 480.

Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN have done quite a bit of leg work to try to figure out some configurations that work well, which you can see here. They also dive into the effects the various graphics options will have.  The overall recommendations are not really that high end, the most expensive component would be an RX 6700 XT as that will let you turn on at least some ray tracing without the game permanently coming to a crawl.  The game will still slow down and give you judders regardless, but they should be reduced somewhat.

Expect a large patch in the coming weeks, likely followed quickly by a second.

While there is no single, comprehensive solution for PC performance, the team has been working on fixes we believe will improve performance across a spectrum of configurations. [...] Thanks for understanding and apologies to any of our players experiencing these issues.

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