Crucial T700, 2TB Of Passively Cooled PCIe Gen5 TLC

Source: TweakTown Crucial T700, 2TB Of Passively Cooled PCIe Gen5 TLC

12,400 MB/s Sequential Read, 11,800 MB/s Write

Crucial have taken the Phison PS5026-E26 controller further than any other PCIe 5.0 drive, with insanely fast advertised read and write speeds.   They have also managed to do so without active cooling, you can buy a Crucial T700 with a heatsink or you can get one without as the M.2 cooler which comes on your motherboard should be enough to handle the heat.   TweakTown didn’t directly measure how hot the drive ran at full load, but as there was no sign of throttling in their testing it seems that you won’t suffer from the lack of a fan.

The benchmarks prove that Crucial’s PR flacks weren’t exaggerating their numbers, with the T700 sitting at the top of just about every single chart.  In many cases it is not just a couple of percentage faster than the competition, it noticeably surpasses them and breaks records while doing so.  The drive does perform slightly better on the Intel platform than it did on the AMD test bed, either way you are going to have one of, if not the fastest consumer SSD you can get your hands on right now.

Check out the full performance results of the Crucial T700 here.

Today, the world's best-performing retail SSD is finally available. Crucial's T700 is armed and ready to take your PCIe Gen5-enabled PC to the next level.

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