Endorfy Arx 700 Air, A Simple Case With Serious Cooling

Source: TechPowerUp Endorfy Arx 700 Air, A Simple Case With Serious Cooling

Do You Desire A Simple, Inexpensive Case?

The enclosure market is exploding, with vertical GPU mounts becoming common place, wood panelling starting to become mainstream, and some very interesting shapes hitting the market.  There some of us who prefer to focus on the components inside the case as opposed to the case itself.  A simple case, around $100 with decent cooling is all some of us ask for and that is exactly what the Endorfy Arx 700 Air offers.

The case will cost you $110 for the base model, which comes with an impressive five 140mm PWM fans included.  If you spend a little more money you can infect those fans with ARGBs.  If that isn’t sufficient, you can add an additional 140mm fan below the GPU and another two to the top of the case, or strip them out in favour of water cooling.  One thing to note is that while the Endorfy Arx 700 Air does ship with a fan controller, it can only manage five fans and you will need to rely on motherboard headers for the additional three fans.

TechPowerUp would have preferred to see better cable management features, but apart from that consider it a great deal, as you will see if you check out the full review.

The Endorfy Arx 700 Air may not stand out in the crowds, but turns out it has a lot to offer for a well priced chassis. It presents the brand’s own spin on what a simple, yet functional mid-tower should provide to enthusiasts and gamers. With its five 140 mm fans, it sets itself up for success in combination with a solid build and excellent feature execution.

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