FiiO K9, An Even More Feature Filled DAC

Source: TechPowerUp FiiO K9, An Even More Feature Filled DAC

FiiO’s Line Of DACs Just Keeps Growing In Volume

We’ve seen FiiO before, including their K7 back in January, and they are back with a new ~$500 DAC called the K9.   The FiiO K9 is not simply a headphone amp, although it can handle both in ear monitors and headsets with an impedance of up to 32 ohms.   It has inputs similar to the K9 Pro ESS. including XLR as well as USB, RCA, balanced 4.4 mm, optical, Coax and even Bluetooth.   The outputs are almost as impressive and include XLR, 4.4 mm balanced and a single-ended 1/4″, which should cover just about any scenario you might come up with.

Inside the FiiO K9 you will find SS Sabre ES9068AS 32-bit 2-channel DACs, not quite as high end as the K9 Pro ESS but certainly capable of handling most of what you might throw at it.  Additionally two Texas Instruments OPA1612 low pass filters and two THX AAA 788+ linear amplifiers assist the DACs to ensure you have control over your audio outputs.  TechPowerUp have a lot of good things to say about the FiiO K9 in their review including Roon integration, though they would like to see the app include proper parametric EQ. 

FiiO enters the $500 desktop DAC/amplifier market with its new K9. It uses the flagship K9 Pro ESS as a base and provides a well built and engineered source with plenty of inputs and outouts, ability to handle sensitive IEMs as well as more demanding headphones, and also works as a preamp for speakers.

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  1. potfur

    Hi Jeremy!

    Is a Fosi Audio v3 amp review on the cards? It has just been released and appears to be a minimalist, but further refined version of the BT20A Pro.

    • Jeremy Hellstrom

      Oh, it just might be. Did you know it ships with a black knob but there is a copper one in the package too?

      • Potfur

        Yep, I got both as part of their Kickstarter!


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