Intel Rebrands Desktop Processors – The Core and Core Ultra Era Begins

Source: Intel Intel Rebrands Desktop Processors – The Core and Core Ultra Era Begins

Intel Core and Intel Core Ultra are the New Desktop Processor Lines

The “i” era is over, but the re-branding is very minor considering a Core i9 becomes a Core 9, and so on. As Intel states, “Core i3/i5/i7/i9 will shift to Core 3/5/7/9”. No problem. The confusing part (and there must always be a confusing part) is that Intel is simultaneously launching a new Core Ultra brand. Soon a Core 9 and Core Ultra 9 will exist alongside one another, and these are different SKUs – though in fairness the K, KF, and non-K parts got pretty confusing already.

Intel Processor Branding Slide 4

Via Intel:

The new client branding structure incorporates several notable updates. They include:

  • Introducing Intel Core Ultra processor brand for the most advanced client processors
  • Simplifying the Intel Core processor brand for mainstream client offerings
  • Moving to Intel 3/5/7/9 processor tiering starting with Intel’s upcoming next-generation processors
  • Evolving the Intel Evo Edition platform brand for Evo-verified designs
  • Introducing Intel vPro Enterprise and Intel vPro Essentials device labels for relevant commercial systems
Intel Processor Branding Slide 6
Intel Processor Branding Slide 8

Personally, I like the new Ultra branding. It’s very 1990s, and that decade is very much in fashion again. Now we just need teal and purple product boxes (I’m detecting a bit of those colors in the badges shown above).

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  1. LegoGuy23

    I had known that Intel would be making this branding switch for a while now, but the “Ultra” thing has left me scratching my head.
    I expected the (i)9 to be the “Ultra” tier, but I don’t understand the difference between standard and Ultra “5’s”, and “7’s”.
    I assume that the differences would be between versions with lower and higher clock rates?
    For example, I’m typing this on a machine with an i7-1360p mobile CPU. I wonder if the higher TDP, i7-1370p would be an “Ultra”?
    It’s all very arbitrary, it seems. Oh, and a needless change. But then again, I’m no marketing manager…

  2. Brett Hood

    Good post Sebastian the rebranding of the core i series CPU’s is long past due and the change is only minor in the bigger scheme of things, the teal colour is quite appealing.


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