Podcast #725 – Can Storage Save PC Gaming? Allyn Joins Us, Computex Highlights, Flexispot Desk and Monoprice Racing Frame Reviews plus way MORE!

Allyn Malventano joins us for a very special (and storage-centric) episode! We talk about some of the things at Computex that captured our interest, and have an extended discussion about the promise of DirectStorage and how it could solve the GPU VRAM problem (if anyone actually implements it beyond that one game). Plus Jeremy has a fancy new desk to talk about, Josh reviews another racing wheel stand, and much, much more!  (Thanks Allyn!)

Plenty more topics! Scroll down to the time stamps below.

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Show Topics


00:00 Intro
01:20 Burger of the Week
02:31 Solid-state SSD cooling? (plus NAND temp talk)
08:14 Crucial’s T700 is a passively-cooled Gen5 SSD
11:41 Shouting at your PC for better performance
13:56 Noctua shows a 2nd Gen D15 cooler
15:43 Realtek offers low-power, low-cost 5GbE NIC
Remeber AGP Pro? ASUS is making PCIe Pro (sort of)
21:18 NVIDIA’s trillion dollar moment – plus AI/ML chat
30:53 A world where NVIDIA makes CPUs, too?
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34:24 Featured topic: can storage save PC gaming?
1:07:11 WD Red power on hours warnings after 3 years in a NAS
1:14:48 Security Corner
1:20:19 Gaming Quick Hits
1:26:29 FlexiSpot Pro Plus Standing Desk E7 review
1:34:13 Monoprice Dark Matter GT Foldable Racing Stand review
1:41:43 Picks of the Week
2:04:36 Outro

Picks of the Week

Video News

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