The RTX 4060 Arrives With A Yawn

Source: TechPowerUp The RTX 4060 Arrives With A Yawn

Power The Hero In You?

The RTX 4060 from NVIDIA has finally arrived, with plenty of reviews but a dearth of enthusiasm.  It doesn’t share the same  GPU as the RTX 4060 Ti, it’s an AD107, but it is the same controversial 8GB of GDDR6, though it runs slightly slower at a data rate of 17 Gbps.  The GPU is also 430MHz lower than the Ti, at 1830 MHz.  The one trick it does have is a TGP of 115W which is lower than any other Ada chip, though as Sebastian saw the actual power usage is a bit higher than that.  Basically if you want a bit more performance than an RTX 3060 at the power draw of a mobile RTX 3070 Ti then the RTX 4060 might be useful for you.

There was one somewhat interesting version released, the Zotac GeForce RTX 4060 Spider-Man OC.  The card doesn’t have any sign of the webslinger, but the box definitely features artwork from the new movie and there are a bunch of stickers and other bling.  It is the first Spiderman branded card we’ve seen, which does make it somewhat unique.   TechPowerUp also found that it is not just a pretty card, the cooler is decent and if you do have an ancient card and are willing to pay $300 the RTX 4060 does feature NVIDIA’s new features like DLSS 3 and AV1 hardware encode and decode.

Zotac's GeForce RTX 4060 Spider-Man will definitely appeal to the younger audience thanks to its flashy colors and a Marvel Spider-Man license. Under the hood, Zotac includes a small factory overclock and a decent cooler that's paired with good fan settings.

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