1600W Of Prime Seasonic ATX 3.0 Power, The TX-1600

Source: KitGuru 1600W Of Prime Seasonic ATX 3.0 Power, The TX-1600

With Not One, But Two 12VHPWR For You

It’s not exactly clear what someone would need 1600W of power for, but if you do the Seasonic Prime TX-1600 can provide it.  With that much juice flowing through it, it is nice to know it hits 94.29% efficiency at 50% load and at a peak load of 1895W it maintains a 93.85% efficiency.  It also won’t deafen you when it is running, hitting a top noise level of 35.9DbA with the fan running full out.  

As for the quality of power, Kitguru measured very tight ripple suppression, and load regulation within 1%.  Seasonic are so confident in the TX-1600 they offer a 12 year warranty.  The only drawback is that you have to pay for this level of quality, it’s currently $530 on Amazon, but if you need that much power this can provide it!

Seasonic have just released a new range of power supplies in the PRIME TX range, in both Platinum and Titanium efficiencies. While they sent us some other Platinum units, today we test the company's flagship 1600W Titanium model which is priced at a somewhat staggering 550 euros / 480 pounds.

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