Lian Li Releases The UNI FAN P28 120mm

Source: TechPowerUp Lian Li Releases The UNI FAN P28 120mm

Perfect For Watercooling Or An Air Cooled Build

Lian Li have branched out into making fans, and the 120mm UNI FAN P28 is an incredible first product.  The airflow performance through the radiator TechPowerUp was top of the charts and the noise generated tended towards the low middle of the several dozen fans they compared it to.  The testing was done on the normal setting which runs at 2200RPM, the fans also offer two other speeds which are Silent at 1200 RPM and Performance at 2600RPM.  The three pack ships with a fan controller or you can use your own, without one the fans default to full speed.

Lian Li also added some unique features to the UNI FAN P28, such as the ability to daisy chain the fans together.  You can run up to three fans off of a single 1A motherboard header with a single cable, making cable management much easier.  When you do this, you can also use the clips found on the fans to connect them together.  You can also pop them off if you are setting them up separately.  The three pack comes with an ARGB fan controller, if you buy a single fan you will need to provide your own and as of now Lian Li doesn’t seem to sell their controller separately.

Check it out here.

Lian Li wants to take on the high performance fan crown with its UNI FAN P28 series. It comes in two colors and has an optional lighting kit accessory for those wanting RGB, but otherwise prioritizes performance with three operating modes, neat daisy-chaining and a clean installation, while also costing less than the direct competition.

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