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Source: Bleeping Computer Meet Microsoft Windows 11 23H2

We Defeated Clippy, Only To Have Windows Copilot Take Its Place

Windows Copilot, and it’s Bing and ChatGPT plugins will be arriving on your computer once Windows 11 23H2 arrives, just in time for the fall.  Bleeping Computer tried it out and as you might expect, they found it to be somewhat less than perfect.  Even before they delved into it’s functionality they were already disappointed.  The AI assistant interface more resembles “running within Microsoft Edge than a fully integrated part of the operating system“.  This could change if Copilot was integrated more thoroughly into the OS, which will take more work than just a feature update like Windows 11 23H2.

The performance is described as a little sluggish when searching the web and executing actions, and the suggestions offered by Windows Copilot are often less than optimal.  In addition to searching the web for possible answers to questions it will enhance Snap Assist, copy/paste, and Snipping Tool in certain ways, as well as helping you navigate the byzantine mess which Windows personalization has become.

If that isn’t enough for you, File Explorer will look very different after with full WinUI integration which will offer a ton of extraneous information, including suggesting files which Azure Active Directory business users might want to open.  That doesn’t make a lot of sense as described, but could closely resemble the previously opened files offered by O359 applications.   The good news is that it can be toggled off, at least for now.

Check out more details about Windows 11 23H2 at Bleeping Computer.

As Microsoft prepares for the imminent rollout of Windows 11 23H2, they've been developing various innovative features designed to improve user experience, streamline workflows, and introduce next-generation functionalities.

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  1. Kent Burgess

    Oh Joy. Users keep asking for a less cumbersome OS and interface. Microsoft keeps adding more useless crap to Windows.

    • ray mcsriff

      What else are they going to do? Maintain a more streamlined and stable OS? There’s bloat to maintain in the organization (i.e. jobs), and profit to be had from people’s information! What the (non-enterprise) user wants isn’t profitable, and thus is not important.

      • Jeremy Hellstrom

        As an Enterprise user I can confirm I don’t want this shite either!

    • Dmitrii

      Like all of these years 🙂

  2. Anon


    only to have Windows Copilot take its* place, no apostrophe

  3. Marvelous

    cosmetic and useless upgrade, make memory management and multitasking better, dear uncle bill…


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