Podcast #730 – RIP 12VHPWR Already? Microcenter Ryzen 5 5600X3D, Where is AMD’s HYPR-RX? RTX 4080 Price Drop & MORE

Post-July 4th holiday here in the USA and everyone has all of their fingers. Which enables some of us to use clicky keyboards during the podcast recording! What could be more perfect. And just look at that list of topics.  Where’s AMD HYPR-RX AMD?  Where’s your Microcenter at?  And where’s that new power connector to replace 12VHPWR already?  And the soon to be:  “Where have all the RX 6950 XT’s gone?”

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Show Topics


00:00 Pre-roll and Intro
00:53 Food with Josh
03:22 RIP 12VHPWR already?
06:50 Microcenter exclusive Ryzen X3D
10:32 RTX 4080 sees a $200 price cut
Mandatory Arc coverage – a low-profile A380
15:17 Get your discounted Radeon RX 6950 XT while you can
17:22 Where is AMD HYPR-RX (and FSR 3.0)?
19:06 The Book 8088
22:31 YouTube limits some adblock users to 3 videos
24:28 Security Corner
34:45 Podcast Sponsor – Hello Fresh
36:11 Gaming Quick Hits
44:16 Monoprice 28-inch CrystalPro USB-C Monitor review
55:12 Picks of the Week

Picks of the Week

Video News

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