The Bargain That Is The Crucial Pro 32GB DDR5-5600 MHz Kit

Source: Guru of 3D The Bargain That Is The Crucial Pro 32GB DDR5-5600 MHz Kit

You Have To Love DDR5 Pricing Right Now

There are many kits which are faster than the Crucial Pro DDR5-5600 kit, but you won’t be able to grab 32GB of it for a mere $90.  At that price it allows you to expand the memory in an existing system, or bring down the cost of a new system build.   The timings of of CL46-46-45-45 are not awful, nor are they impressive but the power draw of 1.1V certainly is.  That lets the DIMMs use a rather small heatspreader while still remaining cool.

The Guru of 3D managed to overclock the kit a bit, though they had to increase the voltage to 1.3V.  Check out their results here.

We look at a Crucial 32GB 5600 MHz CL46 DDR5 memory kit with Micron origins. This set is based on their newly released PRO serres. Being Crucial, though, implies that it's a bargain package that provides 95% of the performance you require for 99 EUR for 32GB. We'll do tests using Raptor-Lake CPUs from Intel's Gen 13th generation.

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