The Cooler Master MASTERAIR MA824 Stealth CPU Cooler Is Almost As Big As It’s Name

Source: The FPS Review The Cooler Master MASTERAIR MA824 Stealth CPU Cooler Is Almost As Big As It’s Name

Best Of Class Cooling, If It Fits

The Cooler Master MASTERAIR MA824 Stealth measures 162.2 x 150.6 x 165.6 mm (6.3 x 5.9 x 6.5″) with the 120mm and 135mm fans installed, which can definitely limit not only the case you use but also your motherboard and DIMMs.  You might find a case only to be stymied by tall DIMMs tightly packed around your CPU socket.  If it does fit, then you will get your $100 worth from the MASTERAIR MA824 Stealth.

The FPS Review tested it against three other coolers, including Cooler Master’s previous MA624 and it beats out the competition by a noticeable amount.  It also peaks out at a barely noticeable 40.7 dBA, which can be lowered to 35.8 dBA if you reduce fan speed.  It’s not quite as effective as some of the AiO watercoolers on the market but they will certainly cost you more money and installation time.

Check out a cooler which might make Noctua up it’s game right here.

We previously reviewed the MASTERAIR MA624 STEALTH and the MA824 improves upon it with two additional heat pipes as well as a new design for the heat pipe to increase heat transfer. There’s also a 30th Anniversary version of the MA824 available that adds some RGB bling to the experience.

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