Microsoft Changes The Terms On It’s Bing AI Services

Source: The Register Microsoft Changes The Terms On It’s Bing AI Services

I Am Altering The Deal. Pray I Do Not Alter It Any Further.

If you make use of Microsoft’s Bing AI Services you should be aware that the terms of use have changed, and not necessarily for the better.  There are two of the terms you should be very aware of if you intend to keep using it.  Firstly, “Microsoft will process and store your inputs to the service as well as output from the service“.  They implemented this to monitor abuse, such as getting it to tell you a bedtime story about making napalm and other such uses they don’t want associated with their Bing AI Services.  Unfortunately that comes with some serious security concerns, especially if Bing has access to it and you can trick it into sharing those searches and results, let alone someone hacking into it.

The second is that you are legally responsible for the results Bing AI Services provides you, not Microsoft.  If your search brings up copyrighted material which you then share, regardless of the fact you have no clue it was legally protected, the owner gets to sue you and not Microsoft nor OpenAI.  Then again OpenAI already has a full docket.   

The other terms focus on preventing you from using Bing to train your own AI.  It would be interesting to see if someone would be in breach of those terms if they designed a fancy looking piece of software and sold it as an AI product, but which in fact just relayed any input directly to Bing AI Services and provided whatever results came back as if it came up with them itself?

Microsoft prohibits users from reverse engineering or harvesting data from its AI software to train or improve other models, and will store inputs passed into its products as well as any output generated.

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