Nvidia Ray Reconstruction, DLSS For RT

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN Nvidia Ray Reconstruction, DLSS For RT

DLSS 3.5 Support Comes With A New Trick

NVIDIA has added an interesting new feature to DLSS 3.5, which will improve the performance of games which fully support it.  If you have an RTX card and are playing a game that supports Ray Reconstruction, currently only Cyberpunk is working on it, you can reduce the impact ray tracing has on your performance.  

In the same way that DLSS let you upscale to your monitors native resolution from a lower one to give you better performance than you would have otherwise, Ray Reconstruction will do the same for ray tracing.   NVIDIA are replacing the current denoisers they use to clean up the nasty side effects ray tracing causes.  The current algorithms can be overenthusiastic and remove some visual effects which should have been left alone, with Ray Reconstruction data from the previous frames are incorporated to keep more lighting effects without letting things through that shouldn’t be displayed.

The screenshots at Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN demonstrate what it looks like, though we will have to wait a bit to find out what kind of effect it has on performance.

As with Half-Life 2 RTX, Nvidia have taken to Gamescom to make a heap of DLSS announcements. Chief among these is an upcoming new version, DLSS 3.5, which will add to DLSS 3’s existing toolkit of upscaling and AI frame generation with a new trick named Ray Reconstruction. And it sounds pretty clever, if currently limited in application.

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