Podcast #734 – AMD Brings X3D to Laptops, New RDNA3 GPUs Coming Soon, AMD & Intel Earnings, Intel Arc Sparkle GPUs, Gaming Deals!

Podcast history has been made. The first and ONLY PC Perspective podcast number 734 has been recorded, edited, and uploaded. This is the video, as if you needed further proof.  We’ve got AMD gaming CPUs for laptops, Intel and AMD financials, RDNA3 GPUs getting better, security scares and gaming deals!

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Show Topics


00:00 Intro
01:21 Food with Josh
02:40 AMD announces X3D for laptops
09:53 AMD confirms new enthusiast RDNA3 gpus this quarter
15:13 AMD quarterly financial results
19:08 Intel quarterly financial results
23:04 Intel USA fab expansion plans
27:06 Mandatory Arc coverage: new Sparkle cards
31:14 DirectStorage performance penalty
36:23 Windows 11 finally learning about high refresh rates?
38:10 Cablemod 12VHPWR adapter replacement
40:53 Podcast sponsor – Hello Fresh
42:14 Security Corner
48:28 Gaming Quick Hits
1:03:15 Pre-outro ramblings
1:06:30 Outro

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