Space Marine 2, The Trouble With Tyranids

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If you enjoyed the first Space Marine and/or it’s remastered incarnation then there is a good chance you are going to like Space Marine 2.  This time, instead of leaping off of a perfectly good spaceship to do unspeakable things to greenskins you start on a planet, with plenty of Imperial troops doing their thing.  In the extended gameplay video over at Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN you see a nice jaunt interrupted by a fair number of Tyranids and response you would expect.

As with the first game you overcome waves of enemies in order to clear an area.  There is a mix of ranged and close combat which looks to flow as smoothly as it did in the first game; hopefully there is a Thunder Hammer and Lightning Shield in this one later on too!  The landscape is more destructible than in the first, it might not actually have much effect but it does look very nice.  Pop by for a roughly 10 minute look.

The latest gameplay shows blue-suited Ultramarine hero Lieutenant Titus stomping his way through a city on the Planet Avarax, chatting with Space Marine pals Chairon and Gadriel, and taking in the sights, enjoying lifting up heavy gates and staring at lighting effects. What do you mean there’s an alien invasion going on?

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