The Corsair K70 MAX Sports Adjustable Switches

Source: Guru of 3D The Corsair K70 MAX Sports Adjustable Switches

It Comes With All The Keys

TKL keyboards far outnumber full sized boards, but some of us like having that numpad and other controls such as the Corsair K70 MAX.  It has every key you expect as well as media keys, all of which are double shot PBT.  The body of the keyboard is made of black anodized brush aluminium, and there is a detachable palm wrest made of memory foam.  It is an RGB board of course, controlled by iCue, which also allows for macro recording.

What is somewhat unique about the K70 MAX is the CORSAIR MGX switches that can have their actuation point individually set.  If you so desired you could change each activation point from between 0.4mm to 3.6mm in 0.1mm increments or you can set it for the whole keyboard.  Guru3D found a lot they liked about this keyboard, from the adjustable 8K polling rate through to the quiet operation of the custom switches.

You can check it out but be warned it will cost you over $200.

Corsair revamps some of the products in their keyboard range. Meet the popular K70 MAX the all new magnetical mechanical gaming keyboard featuring fully adjustable MGX switches, acoustic sound dampening, and dedicated media controls.

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  1. peter

    >TKL keyboards far outnumber full sized boards,

    Citation needed. Just about every basic Dell/HP etc. comes with full KB. Every work computer I ever had had full keyboard.

    I always thought TKL was kind of hipster keyboard.


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