TIE Fighter: Total Conversion, All You Need Is X-Wing Alliance And Some Patience

Source: Ars Technica TIE Fighter: Total Conversion, All You Need Is X-Wing Alliance And Some Patience

A Year’s Worth Of Updates, In Case You Forgot To Play It

The team behind TIE Fighter: Total Conversion have been busy over the past year, adding more content and polishing up the game to make it even better.  If you forgot about this game, like I did, now is a great time to see if you already have X-Wing Alliance or if you need to drop $10 on it.  Once you’ve grabbed and installed the game, you are ready to follow in Ars Technica’s footsteps to install the Alliance mod as well as TIE Fighter: Total Conversion.

The downloads are going to take a while, the X-Wing Alliance Upgrade 2020 Mega Patch is necessary and the bandwidth from that source is not unlimited.  Make note of the fact that the 2020 patch is not the newest one but it is the one you need.   You may also need specific patches to enable your mouse, as the game was designed for a joystick and the team working on the project stayed true to the original.

There may even be more updates since Ars posted the story, as the team is still busy improving them.

When I saw recently that a rather massively scaled "Total Conversion" of TIE Fighter had released a new update, it felt like as good a time as any to jump back in the cockpit. TIE Fighter: Total Conversion (TFTC) is a nearly total remake of TIE Fighter, inside the more-advanced engine of its sequel, X-Wing Alliance, piggybacking off that game's own big fan-made modernization.

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