ADATA LEGEND 970, A New Phison E26 Gen5 SSD

Source: The FPS Review ADATA LEGEND 970, A New Phison E26 Gen5 SSD

Oh Good, More Confusing Naming Schemes

The Samsung 970 EVO is definitely not PCIe 5.0 but ADATA’s Legend 970 certainly is.  As with many other PCIe 5.0 drives, it is actively cooled with a fan powered by a SATA port, seeing as how they are sitting around doing nothing.  That fan and the roughly 11cm tall heatsink keep the SSD at 68C under full load, a little warm but well within specifications so you won’t need to worry about thermal throttling.

The FPS Review saw random read speeds up to 10,079MB/s and writes of 10,192MB/s in CrystalDiskMark so the Legend 970 lives up to what it promises.  That performance can be modified using the ADATA SSD Toolbox, which also allows you to clone an existing drive to your new Legend 970.  The 2TB model which they reviewed is selling for $260, pricey compared to previous generations of SSDs, but reasonable when compared to other PCIe 5.0 SSDs.

The ADATA LEGEND 970 is a TLC-based NAND Flash SSD using the latest 232-layer 3D flash memory and Phison E26 controller and also has a DRAM cache and features an integrated heatsink and active fan for cooling.

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  1. Skipper skips

    The 2TB version isn’t selling for $260 on Amazon, it’s $400. The 1TB version is $260.


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