Chiplets In The Cloud, Siena Is AMD’s EPYC Edge Chip

Source: The Register Chiplets In The Cloud, Siena Is AMD’s EPYC Edge Chip

The EPYC 8004 Series

AMD have expanded their EPYC 4 series with high efficiency models designed for use outside of the server room, instead making their living on the factory floor.   The term edge processor has blurred over time, but they still tend be smaller, to have lower power draw, and more thermal headroom at full load to handle operating in warm environments.  That is what AMD’s Siena chips were designed for, and they are intended to compete with Intel’s Sapphire Rapids Xeon scalable processors.  

Inside they resemble the recently released Bergamo EPYC chips, but with less compute dies and support for a mere 1.152TB of memory.  They are a bit more robust, designed to operate in environments ranging from -5°C up to 85°C while still maintaining base clocks of 2 to 2.65GHz and boost clocks of 3 or 3.1GHz depending on the model.  The cTDP is noticeably lower than Bergamo as well, topping out at 225W.  There is more detail at The Register if are looking for something new to run your telecoms or other machinery

Code named "Siena" the House of Zen's 8004-series processors are the final entry in the chipmaker's Epyc 4 roadmap, which already includes general-purpose, high-performance compute, and cloud-optimized CPUs.

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