INNOCN 39G1R, Inexpensive 1440p Writ Large

Source: TechPowerUp INNOCN 39G1R, Inexpensive 1440p Writ Large

But Let’s Not Gloss Over The Shiny Screen Though

If you don’t have the power to drive a game at 4K, or the eyes to be able to read text at that resolution then a large scale 1440p screen makes a lot of sense.  At 39″ the INNOCN 39G1R fits that bill, with a 165Hz VA panel that works with both Freesync and G-SYNC.  The pixel density is a little low but not awful and it allows even mid-range systems to give very decent performance.  For some, the choice of a glossy finish on the display will be a turn off, if you are firmly on the matte side then you should skip this one.

If you don’t mind so much and are looking for a larger display that won’t cost you $400 or more, the INNOCN 39G1R is a good choice.  The 3000R curvature is nice when seated directly in front of it, and the wide viewing angles of a VA panel mean the edges won’t disappear on you.  TechPowerUp did have to calibrate the display to fix the colours on the INNOCN 39G1R, but once they did it looked far better, something to keep in mind if you don’t have a colorimeter handy.  

Take a peek here.

The INNOCN 39G1R is a massive 39-inch gaming monitor, equipped with a curved 165 Hz VA panel. The undemanding 2560x1440 native resolution and sub-$500 price tag make it an interesting option for gamers looking for the largest screen they can get, for as little money as possible.

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