Try Before You Buy With The Interactive Fit For Fan Guide

Source: OCInside Try Before You Buy With The Interactive Fit For Fan Guide

Will That Thing Fit?

OCInside have been maintaining an interactive for for fan guide which is a bit more useful than a list of compatible coolers.  The visual representation of the motherboard and cooler let you see just how the cooler fits on the board.  While they only list compatible coolers, you don’t have to worry about the socket fit, not all components are the same.  If you are planning on installing very tall DIMMs or want to ensure that the RGBs on top of the DIMMs can be seen, then this will tell you.

Just pick a socket and motherboard model, and you can see how all of the coolers they ‘ve added will sit on the motherboard.  Their recent update adds a large number of motherboards, a handful of coolers and a zoom slider.  Check it out here.

Since 1999 we have been testing coolers and motherboards on and check which CPU cooler can be used for which motherboard. With the interactive Fit for Fan guide v4.0, you can find this out in just a few clicks by virtually fitting the desired CPU cooler on the selected motherboard. You can see which CPU cooler fits which motherboard and how much space is left for the rest of the components. You can also see what it costs, how good the test result is and listen to the sound of the fan. Enjoy the interactive fit for fan guide!

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  1. Edward Crisler

    The shame is they seem to have focused on material that does not need much help. Low profile coolers with ITX boards would be more useful. Especially with the AM5 offerings.


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