It’s A Refresh Relapse, Meet The i9-14900K And i5-14600K

Source: The FPS Review It’s A Refresh Relapse, Meet The i9-14900K And i5-14600K

A Good Excuse To Pick Up A Z790 Motherboard?

The Intel Core i9-14900K has a 200MHz higher Max Turbo frequency than the i9-13900K at 6GHz, and the Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 frequency is also higher by 100MHz.  The P-cores run 200MHz higher, at 5.6GHz and the E-cores 100MHz higher at 4.4GHz.  In addition to the higher frequencies, Intel Application Optimization should convince Thread Director to improve game performance, currently only Rainbow Six: Siege and Metro Exodus are supported.

The i5-14600K has a has a 200MHz higher P-core frequency of 5.3GHz and E-cores running 100MHz higher than the i5-13600K.  It offers similar features to the Core i9-14900K, albeit with a little less power under the hood.  As for the performance, it is exactly what you would expect.  The slight boost in clocks offers a small advantage for both the i9-14900K and i5-14600K over their predecessors in both games and synthetic benchmarks.

The new Intel Core 14th Gen Processor Family is based on the same Raptor Lake CPU architecture, operates on the same LGA1700 socket, and utilizes the same process node and ISA as the previous “13th Gen” family.

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